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Welcome to phmeter.co.uk

Discover our range of accurate and reliable pH meters, conductivity meters, Redox meters, tds meters, pH electrodes, Conductivity electrodes, refractometers, calibrations liquids, calibration powders... 

Everything is tested and calibrated before delivery and we ship all over Europe with insured Track & Trace shipping.



EC/TDS Meter | EC/TDS Combo
EC/TDS Combo Meter - Accurately measure up to EC 10 or 9990PPM, perfect for fertilizer, plants, hardness, pools...
Durable 2 in 1 ORP/Temp Meter for Professional use: Accurate, Dust and Waterproof to IP65, Easy Calibration, Replaceable sensor, ready to use
PH EC Meter | PH/EC-Combo
PH/EC Combi Meter, 3in1 for Professional use: durable, Waterproof to IP65, easy Calibration, Replaceable sensor...
PH Electrode | PH201BNC
PH Electrode | Lab grade PH Electrode replacement with 2 meter cable, BNC and protective casing.
PH Meter | PH-EZ
PH Meter - Easy to use, Affordable and Accurate pH Meter, perfect for pool, pond, aquarium, garden... Calibrated and Tested before delivery
PH Meter | PH-PRO
Durable 2in1 pH/Temp Meter for Professionals: Accurate, Dust & Waterproof to IP65, Automatic Calibration, Replaceable sensor
PH Soil Meter | PH-Soil-4in1
PH Soil Meter for plants and gardening. Digital 4in1 pH Soil, Temperature, Light, Humidity tester
Refractometer | Brix32SG
Refractometer - 2in1 Brix (0-32%) and WortSG (1000-1130) refractometer for brewing
TDS Meter | TDS-3
Easy to use and Accurate TDS Meter. Measure TDS up to 9990PPM or 10g/L, ideal for drinkwater, hardness, pools, spa's...

Welcome to phmeter.co.uk

Welcome to phmeter.co.uk, your e-shop specialized in reliable and affordable water analysis instruments such as pH meters, EC meters, TDS meters, ORP meter, pH electrodes, Refractometers and much more!

All our products are carefully selected and tested to be as user friendly, reliable and accurate as possible. Stop paying too much for your A-brand meters, our home brand offers the exact same accuracy and features and will save you a lot of money. We try to make a difference by testing and calibrating all our pH meters that leave our business. Take a look around our website, we offer great solutions for water-treatment, lab’s, gardening, swimming pools, ponds, aquariums...Don’t waste any time, discover our products now...

The pH meter will probably be the best known and most popular meter in our range. A pH meter measures the pH value of a liquid through a glass electrode. Getting your pH level in order is often the first step of water treatment or water analysis, a good pH meter is therefore a must have tool.

Our range of pH meters consist of several models that measure the pH level of any liquid or fluid. We have a basic PH-EZ pH meter that offers exceptional accuracy at a budget price. Our PH-PRO pH meter is our top of the line pH meter with features and reliability you would normally pay twice the price. This pH meters comes with a 2in1 function, large LCD screen, Automatic Temperature Compensation, Automatic calibration on 2 points and a replaceable pH electrode that will save you a lot of money when your electrode is in need of replacement. Our pH meter for aquariums comes with everything you need to monitor the pH level and temperature of your Aquarium, fish-tank, pond... or you can just use it to read our your pH electrode through the BNC connection. Our pH meters are most popular for agriculture, hydroponics, swimming pools, ponds, aquariums, lab’s, food production...

If you want to measure the pH of your soil for your plants, flowers, grass, gardening we offer a collection of reliable pH soil meters that will measure the pH level of any type of soil. Thanks to the long probe, you can measure directly at the root of the plants.

Our EC and TDS meters measure the electric conductivity of a liquid by passing a current through 2 probes. These meters are very popular for the nutrient of plants and flowers. By optimizing the electric conductivity of your plant’s nutrients, you can maximize the growth and flowering and increase your harvest. EC and TDS are measured in the same way, it just the calculation that is different. We have a wide selection of EC and TDS meters, and combo EC/TDS meters so that you have the perfect meter for any application.

Redox or ORP meter measure the Oxidation Reduction Potential. ORP is a chemical process that occurs when oxidation occurs in a liquid. Often used by automatic dosing systems for swimming pools, owners of fish-tanks, aquariums, food-production... ORP meters are very sensitive and measure in millivolt.

If you are into brewing your own beer or wine than you will need a good refractometer. Our refractometer is perfect for any beer brewing application. It measures Brix and Wort SG, is easy to use and will last a long time.

If you want to combine several functions, please have a look at our combo-meters. They can save you a lot of time and money. We have wide range, so look for the one that suits your needs the best.

Best of all is that we have all spare electrodes on stock, so that you can order your spare when you need it. You can compare a pH meter and ORP meter with a battery, at a given time you will need to replace the sensor or electrode. Because our top models have this function, you can save a lot of time and money.

Don’t forget to calibrate your pH meter regularly for accurate results. And store it in a storage liquid if you can, this will prolong the life of your meter.

Should you have any remaining questions, send us an email and we will do our best to find the correct solution for you.

Have a great day,

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